Interim Review

Matrix Option


  • Prefabrication matrix catalogue of elements
  • 3 stages of prefabrication: frame / panel / module within the confines of jointing techniques
  • Methods of production
  • Think of the plan and configuration of space as a kit of parts
  • Hierarchy of domestic vs social in mixed use. Who decides priorities?


  • Weary about defining a site, because then you define a person and an end user
  • Think of prefabrication in terms of shrinkage
  • What makes you angry? Need to get some focus.
  • Need to establish what the configuration of space is and what it should become
  • What companies are out there? What is defining the current status of prefabrication?
  • Talk to Patrick about materials… What is the new game changer? Are there any?
  • There is a non intellectual aspect to this. What is it?
Slotting modules based on a scarf joint
Structure based on motice and tenon with slotted modules
Adaptable facade construction, room modules inside


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