Michelmas Term Crit

Prefabricated Perception

Today I presented my first proposal for our panel of critics. I think it went well… It was the first time that I have pinned up a crit board the night BEFORE a presentation.

Our crit panel seemed impressed with my progress but it was difficult to structure my presentation in the way that they wanted given that we all had our presentations turned on their head after the first lot.

I presented a new idea for prefabricated enclosure, product named: ‘Enclofab’ (definitely a work in progress…)

The main differences between prefabricated ideals towards architecture and my proposition were:

  • Centralising services into a fixed core / node of the plan
  • Consideration given to the relationship between programmed and non programmed spaces
  • Future proof the plan in terms of adaptation and shrinkage

Through this terms work I have established that prefabrication is driven by the market, but challenged by the perceptions.


The future of prefabricated architecture will be driven by the market, but challenged by the perceptions.


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