Pecha Kucha @ NHA

I have been emailing Ingrid a fair amount this summer trying to establish more of a direction to my thesis. I know what I want to do in my head, I’m just struggling to quantifiably write it down.

At the moment (and I say this because the topic is changing weekly at the moment), I’d like to look at how prefabricated architecture could possibly begin to respond to housing and built environment requirements in LEDC countries.

My initial area of study would be in education buildings (ie schools and orphanage complexes). This is in response to my successful bid for the Epiphany Charity design work, but at the same time to do with my experience over the past 18 months at NHA.

As I am working at NHA again this summer I thought that it would be a good idea to hold a pecha kucha style presentation to the whole office of 40 architects to ask for their opinions and possibly some guidence on my thesis topic.

This was one of the BEST ideas I have ever had. The feedback and general interest in my thesis was absolutely astounding. I hope that this blog can become a place of interaction with my friends and collegues at NHA in the future.


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