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The perception of mass produced architectural elements has hindered the continuing development for prefabrication within the context of architecture. In other industries, prefabrication has developed to allow the user to push the boundaries of interaction and experience that they have with a product.

Our interaction with architecture will always be defined by sensory experiences of a physical environment, with fixed parameters and definite intentions. As our lifestyle responds to a change in environment, our built environments will remain in a fixed state and become sterile to adaptation. A new system of integrated, simple and cohesive architectural hegemony is needed to allow architecture to become a competitor in the 21st century market for consumers.

Prefabrication has always encouraged the little parts to seamlessly work together in an attempt to make sense of the whole, but how can we define parameters within the context of architecture to ensure the continuing sustainability of built environments? We must consider architecture outside of the prerequisite and ancient ideals, and look forward to our needs, aspirations and desires of the future.


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